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The M-I Blotter is the crime and public safety blog of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer.

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  1. Randall Belcher says:

    I noticed in some other newspapers (eg,Louisville C&J) where they publish a list of all Police and Fire Department complaints taken and runs made each day for the previous date. Each listing is brief but provides enough information for the reader to get a feel for basic circumstances and severity of incidents, neighborhoods impacted and volume of activity. Some are a bit amusing, some moronic. But, they are entertaining and serve a useful purpose for the public safety and interest. Is a smilar feature feasible for the M&I to provide for readers?
    Thank You,
    Randy Belcher

  2. To further clarify my previous comments/suggestion, Names and specific addresses are not to be included … for example a listing such as “OPD reponded to a caller complaint of suspicious person prowling in alley behind 2300 block of XXXXX street” followed by several similar reports in the same area could be beneficial to alert those neighborhood residents to be more diligent in their home security and safety. This is but one of several examples of how this type information could help the public.
    Thanks, Randy

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