Owensboro man charged with burglary, sexual abuse

June 11, 2010

An Owensboro man was charged with burglary and sexual abuse Thursday, for allegedly breaking into a woman’s home and performing a sexual act.

According to Owensboro Police Department reports, Robert A. Brice, 37, of the 500 block of East 26th Street, was charged with first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree burglary in the incident.

Police reports say on May 24, 2009 Brice allegedly broke into the home of an 18 year-old Owensboro woman and performed a solo sexual act on her. The woman later told police she did not know Brice and had not invited him into her home.

According to the Daviess County Detention Center inmate log, Brice has been arrested 35 times since 1991.

Man issues bizarre bomb threat at Owensboro business

June 10, 2010

Owensboro police were called to an auto repair shop Wednesday evening, after a man told employees there was going to be a bomb.

According to police reports, the man – described as a white male with dark curly hair and wearing a “Jack Daniels” t-shirt, approached workers at Strehl’s Chevron Auto Repair on Carter road about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday. The report says the man told employees “there was going to be a bomb that goes off, killing the terrorist.”

The report says the employees described the man “appeared to be mentally unstable and also smelled like marijuana.” The employees also told police the man did not seem to have anything resembling a bomb, and they did not see him place anything in the area.

Officers conducted a search, but could not find anyone matching the man’s description.

Woman reports E-mail scam

June 3, 2010

A Daviess County woman reported an attempted scam to the sheriff’s department last week, where someone impersonating one of her friends sent her an E-mail request for money.

Sheriff’s department reports said the woman received the message from a friend’s E-mail account. The message said the friend was in the United Kingdom and “something very terrible” happened to her. The E-mail went on to say the friend’s money had been stolen, she had no funds to pay her hotel bill or get back home, her cell phone didn’t work and she needed 1,200 British Pounds.

The woman e-mailed back, asking for more information. The response only said the message was not a hoax. However, the woman called her friend, who was not in the U.K. and had not sent the E-mail.

Investigators believe the friend’s E-mail account had been hacked and a scam artist was using the account to send messages.

Sheriff’s department investigating burglary at restaurant

June 3, 2010

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a burglary that occurred last week at a restaurant in eastern Owensboro.

According to sheriff’s department reports, investigators were called to the G.D. Ritzy’s restaurant at 4527 Kentucky 54 on May 27. The report says a manager reported a cash totalling $3,000 had been stolen while the restaurant was closed for the night.

Investigators determined the door to the room where the money was stored had been taken off its hinges and later replaced. A locking mechanism on an exterior door also showed signs of tampering.

Alleged thief arrested in woman’s hotel room

June 1, 2010

An Owensboro man was charged with burglary Monday afternoon, after allegedly entering a hotel room without permission and attempting to steal money and personal items.

According to Owensboro Police Department reports, a woman staying at the Sleep Inn in Bon Harbor Hills reported discovering a stranger in her room about 2:20 p.m. Monday. The report says the woman was taking a shower when she saw the man attempting to hide from her between the beds.

The woman called her boyfriend, who came to the room to help her. Reports say the woman and her boyfriend told officers the man was attempting to steal both cash and several pairs of the woman’s underwear.

Police charged Michael E. Aldridge, 24, of the 4100 block of Mayflower Drive, with second-degree burglary in the incident. Aldridge was being held Tuesday in the Daviess County Detention Center on $20,000 bond.