Gentlemen, stop your engines

Everyone knows speeding is illegal … but did you know there is a specific charge for racing, too?

Two Owensboro residents found out the hard way on Tuesday.

According to Owensboro Police Department reports, an officer spotted a Pontiac Grand Prix and a Mitsubishi 300 GT side by side in the 4800 block of Frederica Street. The report says the two vehicles were revving their engines and sped off in a race.

The high-speed contest ended abruptly, however, when the officer pulled the two motorists over.

Reports say Justin G. McKay, 18, and Travis C. McDaniel, 21, both of Owensboro, were given traffic citations. But the offense is not generally an arresting offense, so neither McKay or McDaniel were taken to the winner’s circle on U.S. 60 East.

One Response to Gentlemen, stop your engines

  1. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for the new phrase I know have for the Owensboro DC. “The winner’s circle” is just the way to describe it.

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